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F819 S-FC


Product description

Product information
This rope has a proven history, is used in many standard elevators and is proven in
Europe and many other countries worldwide. You can still trust in this rope design today.
small number of bending cycles
low usage level
long life service
light and flexible
fiber core from our own production

Technical data
Construction: 8 x 19 Seale with fiber core, regular lay
technical terms of delivery to DIN EN 12385, ISO 4344
load bearing wires in the outer strands: 152
tensile grade 1570 N/mm2 , steel wire bright or galvanized

rope-Ø (permissible tolerance)
no load: with load (10% of Fmin)
max. 6% < 10 mm min. -0% <= 10 mm
max. 5% > 10 mm min. -0% > 10 mm



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